Cross Culture in Art in New Zealand

Cross Culture in Art in New Zealand

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Cross culture in art in New Zealand: a visual exploration in stone carving. This project explores the visual motifs and subject matter from differing cultures within New Zealand, combined in a hybrid form that enables a personal commentary about aspects of cross culture. This commentary reveals both the negative aspects of culture and the acceptance of the differences that make us unique as individuals. As a practicing artist in stone in New Zealand, particularly one that carves a culturally charged material as pounamu (greenstone), there are many issues concerning the collection, ownership and carving of this stone. Cross-cultural issues are an integral part of life, not just a study for interest''s sake. Stone is more than a solid medium for artistic expression. To me stone contains its own life force and always has the ability to influence the ultimate outcome of a carving. The artist is co-creator with the stone resulting in a unique artistic expression ...

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