Enhancing the Mother-Infant Communication Realtionship

Enhancing the Mother-Infant Communication Realtionship

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The communication relationship between infants and their caregivers is full of complexities built on a highly dependent social and emotional dyadic experience. Infant massage is thought to be a method of intervention that enhances relationship by regulating both the baby and the mother. Massage is thought to stimulate language development, relieve physiological issues, provide relaxation, and promote interactions within the dyad. This research utilizes an infant massage course as the mode of intervention implemented to discover its effect on the unique communication relationship between a mother and her infant. Three mothers were recruited to participate in a two month study. The study consisted of home visits that focused on learning a series of massage strokes and psycho-educational materials on infant growth and development. At the end of the study the mothers indicated that the infant massage course benefited their relationship with their infants in ways that contribute to...

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