Resistance and Victory

Resistance and Victory

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“Had a small force vanquished a big one? God is with those who steadfastly persevere.” (Al-Bagara: 249) The above verse of Gor’an is manifestation of Divine tradition. In the course of history and the battle between the good and evil we can find many examples of a small group of men but with resistance could overcome a large number of aggressors and oppressive. This Gor’anic verse was revealed in the occasion of the war of Talut against Goliath. The small number of Talut that David (peace be upon him) was among them could overcome the army of Goliath and defeating them. After few centuries the Word of God came true again, since his words is always valid for all the time. This time in Lebanon, a small group of believers of young and old the resisted the aggressor invader and contrary to all US and Mossad prediction, the unique resistance to defend the dignity and honor of Lebanon, they achieved to defeat a powerful sophisticated army. But what a strange history and it was the other...

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