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With its short chapters entitled Everything starts with the fiction of geographies; What is particular about the city?; Cities and the Sense of Belonging – Whose child is Istanbul?; The inauguration behind paying heed to the city; 9th International Istanbul Biennial entitled “Istanbul”; Representation as misrepresentation and misinterpretation; Tour/art-Ist(anbul); Orhan Pamuk''s Istanbul; Art events as the promoters of gentrification; An exhibition at Tate Modern asks: Can Istanbul be improved by design?; “Whether you are an Istanbul virgin or a Constantinople pro”; Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture; Pre-conclusion or it is just the introduction; Walter Benjamin, inspired with hope; Conclusion – Ha-buah, this book offers an analysis of a particular city, the city of Istanbul, which faces different aspects of sense of representativeness under events of arts and culture. It provides a good source for people who are interested in visual arts, sociology and cultural studies. It...

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