The use of tartan and tweed within contemporary fashion

The use of tartan and tweed within contemporary fashion

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The aim of this piece of writing is to investigate contemporary fashion designers use of tartan and tweed and how these fabrics portray ideas of Scottish heritage and identity. Can designers who use these fabrics meet the challenge to create a new and exciting twist to a traditional fabric? Or do they add to the defamation of Scotland’s culture? I will explore the importance of a sense of place and identity within Scottish history and how these concepts are portrayed within the traditional fabrics of tartan and tweed. I propose to analyse the fabrication of Scotland and the effects this has on Scottish culture. Many in the fashion and textile industry find associations with Scotland advantageous, as it often represents high quality materials and finish. However Scotland has also come to be associated with producing static textiles due to its extensive links with the past. I will discuss Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Deryck Walker’s designs throughout recent years...

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