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Soul-concept neirika signifies the passage way or barrier between this reality and non-ordinary reality. It is an abstraction from the Huichol indians, the people of the Peyote. The Huichol call themselves the Wixaritari. My research explores techniques to provoke the authentic expression of the spiritual Self and the manifestation of global spiritual awakening. “Chemical Theater" is an interdisciplinary body of work documenting the ten years evolution (November 2001-2011) of the “Painting dress”. The “Painting dress” is an allegory intimately weaving my creative process with ancient and contemporary shamanic concepts. The sculptural manifestation of the “Painting dress” begins by hand sowing relics of performance artworks. The “Painting dress” is the creation of a magical object. The dress is a sigil, and therefor cannot be sold. The magical dress is worn in rituals. In these rituals, sacred dimensions are invoked to penetrate the state of “poesis”, the moment...

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